East Post is a monthly bilingual magazine published in Bengali and English from Kolkata, West Bengal. East Post stands for honest, fierce and factual reporting and commentary.

East Post publishes news, current affairs, geopolitical analysis, commentaries and features from the eastern perspective, reflecting the realities of an emerging multi-lateral world order and the rise of traditional cultures.

East Post strives to counter the wave of fake news, propaganda and biased narratives used by western mainstream media and their disciples in the name of journalism.

East Post acknowledges its responsibility to not only provide readers with facts and objective reporting but will also take on the mantle of busting fake news and spread of misinformation.

What does East Post stand for?

East Post stands for free, independent, fact-based, objective journalism. It is answerable only to its informed readers and seeks their support, and only that, to earn respect in a world where the credibility of journalism is at stake.

What does East Post specialise in?

East Post is one of the few eastern publications that publish insightful geopolitical analysis from the eastern perspective, especially considering the complexities in South and Southeast Asia.

Apart from geopolitical insights, East Post specialises in human-interest storytelling, reporting stories that affect the lives and livelihoods of the people, mostly the marginalised, the oppressed and the censored.

East Post vocally speaks in favour of the environment; it supports gender equality and opposes discrimination based on race, religion, language, caste, creed or disability.

Who owns East Post?

East Post and East Post Bangla are owned by Neo Era Worldwide Services Pvt Ltd (NEWS Pvt Ltd). NEWS Pvt Ltd is a company registered in Kolkata, West Bengal, under the Companies Act 2013.


East Post: Md Tanmoy Ibrahim (Editor-in-chief)

East Post Bangla: Soumo Mondal (Editor-in-chief)