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Understanding how Islamophobia has been spread among Kolkata's Bengali Bhadralok community over decades, which bolstered the Hindutva camp in West Bengal.


While the Xi-Biden summit in San Francisco has raised hopes of breaking the ice in the China-US bilateral relations, however, the attitude and the record of the US raise questions on the longevity of such talks.

While India proposed the African Union's G20 membership, it merely reiterated the BRICS decision, only after the West gave its nod. But why all powers are focusing on Africa now after ostracising it for decades?

India allegedly suffered a setback in its attempt to put harder conditions to BRICS expansion and inclusion of new members due to China-Russia.

The NYT's article on Singham's alleged Chinese links and news portals like NewsClick has helped in resurrecting ultra-right McCarthyism worldwide.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's conspicuous silence on the Israeli aggression in Gaza and selective blaming of Hamas-led Palestinian opposition has jeopardised India's geopolitical interests. Can India's standpoint on the conflict be justified, especially its bitter opposition to Palestinian resistance?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi skipped the recent BRICS extraordinary summit on Israeli war crimes in Gaza and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar attended in his place. In this summit, India remained tight-lipped about Israeli war crimes and didn't demand an immediate ceasefire, unlike other member states. This has exhibited India's intention to stand with Israel despite its rhetoric-mongering in favour of Palestine.

India's stand on the Israel-Palestine conflict took a U-turn after the hospital bombing in Gaza due to growing resentment in the Middle East.

India's support for Israel in its ongoing conflict with Palestine is causing major problems for New Delhi and jeopardising the IMEC project.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won in three out of five states where assembly elections were held in November and December. The BJP's victory in the assembly elections has posed a serious challenge to the Opposition camp and its INDIA coalition.

The CPI has objected to the Congress fielding Rahul Gandhi from Kerala's Wayanad and asked him to contest against the BJP instead. Can Rahul Gandhi do that?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'One Nation, One Election' proposal has stunned the Opposition and can adversely impact India's federal structure, benefitting the ruling BJP.

Although the INDIA coalition's two-day-long Mumbai meeting concluded with much fanfare, no concrete roadmap for the parties emerged from it.


Can the G20 bring forth a global consensus in the future against the unilateral sanctions imposed by the West, which hinder free global trade? Russian experts have different opinions on this issue.

After its Adani story, an OCCRF report on Vedanta exposed how the mining giant ensured that the government tweaks environmental norms for it.

A new report published in the UK-based newspapers allege that Gautam Adani's family members hold shares of Adani Enterprises bypassing rules.

The Russian economy has managed to navigate through the minefields of western sanctions, however, the US and the West have faced crises.


Understanding how Islamophobia has been spread among Kolkata's Bengali Bhadralok community over decades, which bolstered the Hindutva camp in West Bengal.

The Babri Masjid demolition may be a blot for many in India and the secular camp may lament it, however, it has become a blessing for the BJP even after 31 years, as the party aims to sweep the 2024 general elections riding on the Ram Mandir wave.

The Bihar caste survey has become an albatross around the neck of the BJP. It can neither tolerate nor oppose it due to political compulsions.

A scuffle between two groups of students on Independence Day turned into a major incident of communal violence in Bansberia of West Bengal's Hooghly district.


Adipurush is a controversial film that despite scaling heights of success within three days of release, smacks all propaganda.

Legendary filmmaker Mrinal Sen's centenary celebrated in Kolkata's Russian Centre for Science and Culture (Gorky Sadan) by eminent artists.

The West Bengal government banned the film "The Kerala Story", promoted by the BJP, in the state, sparking a slugfest with the saffron party.

Russian Centre for Science and Culture—Gorky Sadan—is celebrating the 78th anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory against Nazi Germany with a cultural programme.