Will the calls of the newly elected western leaders push for an end to Benjamin Netanyahu’s stubbornness or will Israel's assault on Gaza continue?


After almost three decades since the Srebrenica genocide, the world witnesses the Gaza genocide. What does that highlight about the efficacy of international intergovernmental bodies like the UN?

Hypocrisy emerged at the G-7 Summit in Italy as leaders discussed sanctions, military support and geopolitical strategies to widen global polarisation rather than peace or development.

The IOC is under scrutiny over silence on demands of banning Israel from the Paris 2024 Olympics while quick sanctions on Russia and Belarus within days over the Russia- Ukraine war.

Can the Gaza peace deal bring lasting peace, or is it just a diplomatic manoeuvre amid growing global pressure?

Deep dives

Modi's Russia visit appeared less of one aimed at strengthening strategic ties and more like one aimed at a tightrope walk.

Narendra Modi skipping the SCO Summit in Astana can be good news for the US-led collective West, but can this be good for India’s long-term interests?

What do early indications suggest about Modi 3.0's foreign policy priorities? Is it going to be a continuation of the previous term's approach?

India and Iran signed a decade-long pact on Chabahar Port — the first overseas port India will manage.


Modi’s silence on Manipur finally ended in the Parliament, although it didn’t come with any tectonic shift but the usual lambasting of the Congress party.

After India's most powerful political party’s call for 400+ seats out of 543 fell on its face, here are some of the stalwarts who suffered a humiliating defeat.

The left has failed to make its presence felt in Indian polity once again in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won in three out of five states where assembly elections were held in November and December. The BJP's victory in the assembly elections has posed a serious challenge to the Opposition camp and its INDIA coalition.


While the Russian defence industry experiences production growth due to the special military operations, it's also eyeing dual-use products for the future

After Nepal bans Everest and MDH spices, is it now the EU? The potential of another ban raises concerns about Indian spice quality and impacts domestic consumer trust.

India's exports surged to a record high of $778bn in FY 2023-24 backed by a growth in service exports. Merchandise exports, however, experienced a marginal downfall.

Can the G20 bring forth a global consensus in the future against the unilateral sanctions imposed by the West, which hinder free global trade? Russian experts have different opinions on this issue.


Understanding how Islamophobia has been spread among Kolkata's Bengali Bhadralok community over decades, which bolstered the Hindutva camp in West Bengal.

The Babri Masjid demolition may be a blot for many in India and the secular camp may lament it, however, it has become a blessing for the BJP even after 31 years, as the party aims to sweep the 2024 general elections riding on the Ram Mandir wave.

The Bihar caste survey has become an albatross around the neck of the BJP. It can neither tolerate nor oppose it due to political compulsions.

A scuffle between two groups of students on Independence Day turned into a major incident of communal violence in Bansberia of West Bengal's Hooghly district.


Art as resistance, from Palestinian ballads to anti-colonial paintings, reveals deep truths and inspires global solidarity against oppression.

The conspicuous silence of the celebrities on Gaza genocide contrasts starkly with Met Gala's glamour, sparking online movements to divest their power.

Adipurush is a controversial film that despite scaling heights of success within three days of release, smacks all propaganda.

Legendary filmmaker Mrinal Sen's centenary celebrated in Kolkata's Russian Centre for Science and Culture (Gorky Sadan) by eminent artists.




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