Indian Navy jumps into search and rescue of a capsized Chinese fishing vessel

In a rare show of camaraderie, the Indian Navy has started a search and rescue operation in coordination with the Chinese PLA(N) in the Indian Ocean after a Chinese fishing vessel sank.

In a rare show of camaraderie, the Indian Navy has started a search and rescue (SAR) operation in the Indian Ocean after a Chinese fishing vehicle sank in the region.

The Indian Navy’s spokesperson informed that it initiated a humanitarian SAR operation on Wednesday, May 17th, to locate the Chinese fishing vessel Lu Peng Yuan Yu 028 with 39 crew members, which sank in the southern Indian Ocean region on Tuesday, around 900 nautical miles (nm) from India’s southern tip.

It’s reported that the crew of the fishing vessel included nationals from China, Indonesia and Philippines. It sank 900nm south of India’s Cape Comorin, and 287nm north east of Diego Garcia.

The Indian Navy informed that its P81 aircraft has carried out multiple and extensive searches, despite adverse weather, and managed to locate multiple objects that possibly belong to the sunken vessel.

Moreover, on the request of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy [PLA(N)], the Indian Navy has deployed SAR equipment in the location. The PLA(N) ships have reportedly closed the area to carry out SAR.

The Indian Navy reported that displaying India’s obligations as a credible and responsible partner for ensuring safety at sea, the Indian Navy units also coordinated SAR with other units in the area. The Indian Navy also guided the PLA(N) warships transiting to the scene of the incident.

Apart from the Indian Navy, Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) told the Chinese state-run Xinhua news agency on Thursday that based on drift modelling, a remote 12,000 square km zone has been identified to search for the vessel.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Wang Wenbin told the press on Wednesday, “As we speak, Chinese and foreign vessels have arrived at relevant waters and the search and rescue operation is intensively underway. More help is on the way. We will continue to work together with relevant sides to do everything possible to find those who have gone missing.”

The Indian Navy reported that it remains deployed in the region to provide all possible assistance in the SAR to the Chinese PLA(N).

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