Congress slams Modi for silence on Manipur ethnic clashes

Former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ignoring ethnic violence-hit Manipur, which is in turmoil for 50 days.

Congress slams Modi for silence on Manipur ethnic clashes

The Indian National Congress (INC) party expressed concern over the horrifying situation in ethnic violence-hit Manipur on Wednesday, 21st June. The INC highlighted the tense atmosphere prevailing in  Manipur. The northeastern state has been burning for the last 50 days following ethnic clashes between the valley-based Meitei community and the hill-based Kuki tribals. 

The INC alleged Prime Minister Narendra Modi has “completely and totally failed” to fulfil his duty by choosing to deliberately ignore the violence-hit state in the time of crisis. 

On the same day, former INC chief Sonia Gandhi issued an appeal for peace in violence-hit Manipur and said the unprecedented violence that has devastated the lives of people of the state has left a deep wound on the nation’s conscience. 

A video message has been shared on social media by the INC in which Gandhi was shown expressing her grief on the incidents that forced people to flee the only place they called home and leave behind all that they had built over their lifetime.

“It is heartbreaking to witness our brothers and sisters who have coexisted peacefully turn against each other”, Gandhi  said in her message

Talking about Modi, INC general secretary Jairam Ramesh accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government of “maximum silence, minimum governance”.

“The Prime Minister who gives ‘gyaan’ (lecture) on so many issues has sadly not said a word on the tragedy that has engulfed the state, has not given an appointment to representatives of political parties who sought time from him, and has given no indication whatsoever that he even cares or is concerned (sic)”, Ramesh alleged on the microblogging site Twitter.

“He has totally and completely failed his duty as the Prime Minister of India by choosing to deliberately ignore Manipur in a time of crisis. His behaviour on Manipur is most shocking and beyond comprehension (sic)”, Ramesh added.

Manipur INC spokesperson Ningombam Bupenda Meitei also asked, “How long will the ongoing turmoil in Manipur go? For months or years or decades?”

He further added that the people of Manipur have all the right to be heard by the prime minister, who according to the constitution, is duty-bound to answer the people, instead of maintaining a constant silence for 50 days. 

“Manipur is kept under darkness for almost 2 months continuously as the ban on internet has been extended repeatedly by the BJP govt in the state. The people of Manipur are deeply affected by the internet ban as many professionals have already left the state for internet (sic)”, Meitei tweeted.

INC’s member of the Parliament (MP) Shashi Tharoor also expressed concern over the condition of Manipur. “The horrific violence, destruction and displacement in Manipur has now crossed 50 days. The government’s silence and inaction are incomprehensible”, Tharoor tweeted.

“Can anything have been a bigger priority in the country over the last 50 days? Where is the ‘maximum governance’ we were all promised?” Tharoor asked.

India is rightly proud of its tech stack and the use of the internet for so many purposes, from banking to e-governance, the former Union minister noted while asking, “Then why has it shut the Internet down in Manipur for two months, adding to the miseries of the people, with no impact on mob violence? (sic)”, he asked.

The ethnic violence was sparked after a rally of the tribals against the proposed scheduled tribe status to the dominant Meitei community went unruly in the borders of Churachandpur and Bishnupur districts in early May. Over a hundred people have lost their lives, hundreds have been wounded, and many have been displaced due to the 50-day-long ethnic clashes.

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