India blocks alleged ‘pro-Khalistan’ Twitter accounts

The Indian government has reportedly blocked the Twitter accounts of alleged 'pro-Khalistan' supporters, including a Canadian lawmaker.

India blocks alleged 'pro-Khalistan' Twitter accounts

In a series of actions, India blocked several alleged ‘pro-Khalistan’ Twitter accounts. Indian newspaper The Hindu reported on Tuesday, March 21st, that several alleged ‘pro-Khalistan’ Twitter accounts, including Canadian lawmaker Jagmeet Singh’s and poet Rupi Kaur’s, have been blocked in India. Among them, Singh often made headlines for his anti-India tweets.

On Sunday, March 19th, some alleged ‘pro-Khalistan’ supporters vandalised the Indian High Commission in the UK. The miscreants were also accused of insulting the Indian flag. Later, there were allegations of attack by pro-Khalistan supporters on the Indian Consulate General in San Francisco, USA. Later, India lodged protests with the UK and the US against the alleged attacks.

In the wake of these incidents, India has reportedly started blocking the alleged ‘pro-Khalistan’ Twitter accounts.

According to political analysts, the alleged ‘pro-Khalistan’ supporters attacked the Indian embassies in the United Kingdom and the United States shortly after the police crackdown on Amritpal Singh, accused of Khalistani separatism.

Notably, since February, accusations of extremism began to emerge against the alleged Khalistani separatist Amritpal. Recently Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwat Singh Mann gave a strong message to restore law and order in Punjab.

Soon after the chief minister’s message, the law and order personnel launched a massive crackdown against Amritpal and his followers. Four aides and hundreds of supporters of Amritpal, accused of Khalistani separatism, have been arrested by the police, but Amritpal is still running fugitive, as per the police. However, Amritpal’s followers claim that the police have arrested Amritpal but aren’t revealing the news.

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