Haryana Police arrested an accused of communal violence in Nuh after a gunfight

The Haryana Police reportedly arrested one of the accused of communal violence in Nuh after a gunfight in the Aravalli hills.

Haryana Police arrested an accused of communal violence in Nuh after a gunfight

Photo credit: Niu Niu/Unsplash

In a significant move, the Crime Branch of Haryana Police nabbed an accused in the communal violence in Nuh district last month. Aamir, a resident of Didhara village, was taken to a hospital for treatment after being caught following a gunfight with the police on Tuesday, August 22nd.

A country-made pistol and five cartridges were recovered from Aamir’s possession, the police claimed.

A search operation was launched following inputs that the accused, along with his associates, was hiding in the Aravalli hills near Tauru, police said.

Aamir is allegedly a career criminal with a Rs 25,000 reward on his head, the police said. He has allegedly been involved in around 100 crimes in the Delhi NCR region, mostly breaking into big showrooms and looting. He is also named in a murder case in Tauru.

Police say they are looking for others accused of the communal violence in Nuh, who have allegedly been hiding in the Aravalli hills.

Aamir allegedly opened fire at the police and in retaliatory firing, he received a bullet injury in his leg, they said. This is the second such encounter between the police and those accused in the case of communal violence in Nuh.

According to the Haryana Police, around 280 people have been arrested so far in connection with the communal violence in Nuh, and 61 first information reports (FIRs) have been registered. 

An FIR has also been filed against 12 people for spreading rumours on social media. The police have arrested one person in this case. 

The Superintendent of Police of Nuh district has again appealed to the people to not pay heed to rumours. “The Nuh police will strictly deal with those spreading rumours”, he said.

Six people, including two home guards and a cleric, died in the communal violence in Nuh when the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) rally was allegedly attacked by a mob on July 31st.

Although Amir is arrested the critics of the government are alleging that the police are shielding the main accused Monu Manesar, a Bajrang Dal leader, whose provocative social media posts incited the communal violence in Nuh on July 31st.

The police have not confirmed Manesar’s role in the violence and claimed that officials are still investigating the allegations. Earlier, the police arrested an accomplice of Manesar, Bittu Bajrangi, who is allegedly one of the masterminds of the communal violence in Nuh on July 31st.

The VHP distanced itself from Bajrangi, who is allegedly a communal rabble-rouser on social media.

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