Neocolonial model will be a thing of the past, Putin asserts

Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted that the neocolonial model of exploitation under the US will soon become a thing of the past.

Neocolonial model will be a thing of the past, Putin asserts

Photo source: Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin assured foreign security officials that the neocolonial model of the world, ruled by the US-led West, would become a thing of the past during the 11th International Meeting of High-Level Officials Responsible for Security Issues on Wednesday, May 24th. 

The president asserted that Russia was ready to participate in the closest level of interaction with all willing countries in attempts to counteract common enemies or threats and face the challenges that humankind is facing today. 

He greeted the participants by saying they would achieve a fair world trade, the monopoly model where certain countries developed at the expense of others will become a thing of the past, taking a swipe at the US-led West without naming it. 

He said the participant countries will achieve a more equitable, multipolar world, while the neocolonial world model, which unleashed the exploitation of the resources of the whole world, will ultimately wither away and become a thing of the past. 

Putin said, “I am sure that acting together we will build a more just multipolar world, and the exceptionalism-driven ideology, as well as the neo-colonial system that made it possible to exploit the resources of the whole world, will inevitably become a thing of the past.”

“This state of affairs directly stems from the desire of individual states and associations to preserve their dominance and impose their rules as they continue to act in complete disregard of other countries’ sovereignty, national interests and traditions. All of that goes hand in hand with building up military capacity and brutal interference in the internal affairs of other countries, as well as the attempts to secure unilateral advantages from the energy and food crises provoked by a number of Western states (sic)”, Putin said.

“Russia is convinced that there is a workable alternative to this destructive course and policy of blackmail and illegitimate sanctions, which includes the strengthening of stability around the world, the consistent building of single and indivisible security, and the solution to formidable tasks leading to economic, technological and social progress. To get there, it is primarily important to coordinate the efforts of all countries and to ensure painstaking joint work based on the principles of mutual respect, partnership and trust. These approaches are laid down in the revised Russia’s Foreign Policy Concept”, Putin said.

“We highly appreciate the fact that Russia has many partners in different regions and on different continents and the historically strong, friendly, and trust-based ties with the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America and we will work to fortify them in every way we can”, Putin added.

Separately, Putin talked about the benefit of all nations. He noted that over the years, frequent interactions among security officials indulged in sharing expertise and assessment have proven their utility and relevance. These meetings have been instrumental in overcoming key problems of regional and global security as well as strategic stability.

The agenda of the conference is very intensive and substantive, Putin stated. Above all, the meeting participants are to discuss the present global situation, the prospects of its future development, and the most pressing contemporary threats. These include international terrorism, extremism, transnational crime and illegal migration, and illegal arms and drug trafficking. The president further elaborated that they will also engage in efforts to resolve food and information security issues.

The president hoped that the meeting will be constructive and produce valuable results. The conference is conducted in Moscow, Russia from May 23rd to May 25th. The delegation of Russia is headed by Nikolay Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council.

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