ICC World Cup 2023: Schedule uncertain even when few months left

ICC World Cup's schedule remains uncertain, despite only four months remaining. The dates were announced over a year in advance in the last two cups.

ICC World Cup 2023: Schedule uncertain even when few months left

The schedule for the men’s 2023 ODI World Cup, which will be hosted by India, is yet to be finalised even though the tournament is expected to begin in four months. Unlike the previous two World Cups, where the schedules were announced more than a year in advance, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is working on releasing the full schedule as soon as possible, according to ICC’s chief executive, Geoff Allardice.

In comparison, the schedule for the 2019 World Cup was released 13 months before the opening game, while the schedule for the 2015 tournament was released 18 months prior to the first match. The current uncertainty regarding the fixtures has led to speculations, with ESPNcricinfo reporting a potential timeline of October 5th to November 19th for the tournament. However, the ICC has not officially confirmed any dates.

Jay Shah, the secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), had previously mentioned that the schedule would be unveiled during the ongoing World Test Championship (WTC) final. However, Allardice did not commit to a specific timeline during an interview and it is now understood that the fixtures may not be made public until the following week.

Allardice explained that the ICC works closely with the host country in finalizing the schedule, which involves consultations with participating teams and broadcasters. He acknowledged the responsibility on the host to deliver a successful event and mentioned the need for various checks and balances, including discussions with cricket authorities and governments.

When asked about the potential impact of Pakistan’s willingness to play in India on the schedule announcement delay, Allardice chose not to provide further details. He expressed his anticipation of receiving the schedule soon and emphasized that the ICC’s events team is experienced in organizing cricket events worldwide. They focus on what they can control and will act promptly once they have the necessary information.

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