The recent Israel-Palestine conflict continues as Israeli forces attack Hamas in Lebanon and Gaza

The recent Israel-Palestine conflict continues. The Palestinians faced severe attacks from Israeli forces, who also attacked Lebanon.

The recent Israel-Palestine conflict continues as Israeli forces attack Hamas in Lebanon and Gaza

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Tensions between Israel and Palestine have been escalating continuously. The recent Israel-Palestine conflict started after Israeli forces attacked and arrested Palestinian Muslims who gathered at the al-Aqsa Mosque on Monday, April 3rd. Violent clashes erupted between Israeli forces and Palestinian resistance, even on Friday, April 7th.

Israeli state-run Kan Radio reported on Friday that its forces have launched a massive attack on southern Lebanon, targeting three prominent Palestinian resistance infrastructures and it also attacked over ten targets in the Gaza Strip. The Israelis claimed that their attack is in retaliation to the Palestinian rocket attacks on northern Israel from the Gaza Strip enclave and from Lebanon.

Palestinian forces resisting Israeli occupation launched a massive rocket attack on Thursday, April 6th. Over 36 rockets were allegedly fired by Hamas radicals from Lebanon targeting Israel on Thursday. In total over 44 rockets were fired at the Israeli forces, according to the state media.

Thousands of Palestinian Muslims fasting on Islam’s holy month of Ramzan gathered at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, which is the third-holiest Islamic shrine in the world after they heard that Jews would slaughter lambs there on Holy Passover. The Jews claim that the Mosque is the Jewish Temple Mount, a sacred Jewish site.

The Israel-Palestine conflict over al-Aqsa Mosque has been a regular affair in recent years, as Israeli forces attack Palestinian Muslims who gather for Ramzan prayers.

The Israeli forces attacked the fasting Palestinians with stun grenades and lobbed tear gas shells. This led to violent clashes between the two sides, as the Palestinians resisted by throwing stones and other objects at the aggressive Israeli forces.

Later, on Tuesday Israel-Palestine conflict escalated after violence erupted in the Gaza Strip. Palestinians threw stones and fireworks at Israeli forces who fired rubber bullets and lobbed tear gas shells and stun grenades at the protesters. Hamas allegedly started firing rockets from Tuesday evening onwards in response to Israel’s attack on Palestinian civilians.

The recent Israel-Palestine conflict engulfed Lebanon and is the worst since the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. Hamas, which rules Gaza Strip, denied its role in the incident. However, Israel continues to blame the organisation for the rocket strikes.

Even on Friday, the congregation day for Muslims, the situation remains tense in Jerusalem. The Israeli forces are patrolling the Old City, while the Palestinians are continuing their resistance movement.

Major world powers have condemned this recent Israel-Palestine conflict and urged both sides to maintain extreme restraint, however, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been facing immense opposition recently, vowed to carry on the strikes against Palestinian forces.

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