Ukraine under siege: US’s biological military expansion

Documents recovered by Russian forces reveal the US's biological military expansion in Ukraine, raising concerns over global control and biological risk management.

Moscow claims US's biological military expansion in Ukraine threatens compliance with biosafety protocols and poses a threat to the region.

Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov. Photo credit: Ministry of Defence, Russian Federation

Moscow claims to have documents, obtained during its special military operation, proving the US’s biological military expansion in Ukraine. Stating that the US aims to have global control and management of biological situations in its interests, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, the chief of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops of the Russian Federation, on Tuesday, accused the US of “creating an appropriate technical and legal framework” to enable the administration to build up its centres in different parts of the world, citing Ukraine as the “most prominent example of military biological colonisation.”

How did the US’s biological military expansion initiate in Ukraine? 

On the US-led reform of the Ukrainian healthcare system, Lt General Kirillov alleged that the implementation of military biological programmes violated numerous laws and were “contrary to the opinion of the relevant agencies.”

Ukrainian Minister of Health Ulyana Suproon and Irina Demchishina headed the system when the reform was undertaken and a reorganisation commission was created, Moscow alleged. It was them who allowed the US administration to carry out dual-use research in Ukraine, the Russian Lt general claimed. 

Underlining the risks of the US’s biological military expansion in Ukraine, the Mechnikov Institute while addressing the Verkhovna Rada said, “…in Ukraine there are uncoordinated activities that may result in the total or partial loss of an effective biological risk-control system… As a result, this could have a negative impact on Ukraine’s compliance with its obligations under international non-proliferation regimes – the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, and the multilateral export control regime of the Australia Group…(sic).” Lt General Kirillov asserted that Ukraine still imports radiochemicals from the US for recycling, “turning the country into a landfill of spent nuclear fuel and hazardous chemical waste.” The supply routes and logistical and financial matters are managed by the head of the Ukrainian President’s office Andrei Ermak, he alleged. He also accused more officials of carrying out illegal activities that help the US’s biological military expansion in Ukraine

Other actors working on illegal activities in Kiev

Lt General Kirillov strongly called out more “actors involved in illegal activities with components of weapons of mass destruction on Ukrainian territory.”

A former director of the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office of the US Secretary of Defense, Daniel Gerstin, has been accused by Kirillov of working with Ukraine’s state bodies to “promote US biological warfare programs” since 2013, converting Ukrainian laboratories to American standards.

Lt General Kirillov also accused the president of the Ukrainian Biosafety Association and head of the relevant commission of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Sergei Komisarenko, of working with the US on behalf of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and “oversaw dual-use research at subordinate institutions.”

Moscow called out Igor Pereginets, a former minister of health care of Ukraine, for lobbying for reforms of the epidemic surveillance system, following the US’s direction. Lt General Kirillov said that Mr Pereginets has “promoted the introduction of Pentagon-controlled structures into the national healthcare system”.

Apart from them, Lt General Kirillov called out Olga Golubovskaya and Igor Kuzin, Ukraine’s main infectionist and chief sanitary doctor, respectively. He said that Ms Golubovskaya “personally oversaw drug research on socially vulnerable Ukrainians” while dealing with US organisations. He alleged that she received a “monetary reward from the US Gilead pharmaceutical company for testing toxic drugs.” Mr Kuzin was a participant in the “deliberate destruction” of Kiev’s biological-risk-control and biosafety system and contributed to preparing the biological provocations to “accuse” Moscow. 

Stating these, Moscow assured that it has managed to pause the implementation of biological warfare programs in Ukraine. As a result, the US will turn to other regions to complete its research under Ukrainian projects. What could be the implications of the US’s biological military expansion in Ukraine and the region, is a question that arises now.

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